Convenience, form factor and battery life have been the key purchase drivers for a growing number of users who have ditched wires and made the switch to true wireless ear buds. While sound quality is always a key consideration, this has often been tempered by the price tag. It’s why a pair of earbuds that cost around Rs 25,000 doesn’t just raise eyebrows but also raises expectations especially from a brand with sound pedigree. Sennheiser’s first serious stab at this category – the Momentum True Wireless, was excellent and yet didn’t do enough to justify the premium price tag. The second generation Momentum takes over the mantle. Sennheiser just launched the sub Rs 20,000 CX 400BT ear buds but the Momentum 2 remains the flagship offering.

If there’s one song I can’t get out of my head over the last few weeks, it’s The Plan by Travis Scott that was composed for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The cascading bassline sets the energy for this song that was among the first I checked out on the Momentum 2. And then I switched to the electro pop beats of Petit Biscuit’s trending track – Drivin Thru the Night, that house fans will find irresistible. I quickly turned back time to Seattle grunge and Stone Temple Pilots. 15 minutes and three tracks was all it took for me to conclude that the Momentum 2 is the gold standard for ear buds as far as sound goes. A few days and multiple music genres later, I still stick with that verdict.

Sennheiser’s stellar sound solution gets a boost from its 7mm dynamic drivers that deliver deep mass, natural mids and very detailed treble. The sound quality is in the same league as premium over the ear headphones. The silicon tips offer greater isolation. There’s active noise cancellation that allows you to completely cut off and immerse yourself in the music. The companion App (I tried it with both iOS and Android) is quite intuitive and offers a host of customisation options including a clever equalizer that you can tweak to suit your custom preferences.

The design language is all premium. The earbuds are tucked away in an elegant case finished with fabric. It’s almost like being ensconced in a first class cabin or German luxury automobile. It’s a tad larger than the AirPods Pro but is compact enough to slip into your jeans. The buds offer a snug fit and are comfortable to wear for hours; just what you need for a weekend binge watching session of a whole season of Dark or if your post lockdown cravings include shows from the past like Game of Thrones or Sopranos. Battery life is acceptable too, you should manage about 6 hours for the buds on a single charge and about 28 hours (in total) if you include the charging case.

It doesn’t come cheap but these are the buds for all those picky audiophiles who’ve dissed ear buds for their sound quality. Add the build quality, battery life and incredible noise cancellation Sennheiser’s Momentum’s True Wireless 2 set a new benchmark for ear buds.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless buds 2 cost Rs 24,990 and come in black and white