Indian summers can be unbearable. It’s not rare to have someone wish if they could somehow carry an AC in their t-shirt that keeps them cool through the day. Well, it’s 2020 and technology has finally made that possible. And Sony are the first ones to get it done.


Sony’s Reon Pocket is a portable, mini air conditioner, smaller than the average smartphone, that releases cool air when attached to its special undershirt. It claims to utilise Peltier, the substance used in wine coolers. The device will be connected via Bluetooth, and will most probably be controlled using a dedicated application. The Reon Pocket runs on a lithium-ion battery that reportedly lasts for 90 minutes after two hours of charging.



The Reon Pocket was part of a crowdfunding project that originated in Tokyo, Japan. It received almost half of its price from the public 28,236,670 yen. Sony is yet to announce a worldwide release, but for now, the Reon Pocket will only be sold in Japan.