Sony ups the ante with its latest 8K offering, the Z8H, which promises to provide a breathtaking viewing experience unlike anything.

The Sony Z8H’s design is a sleek with minimal, thin bezels to not hamper your screen real estate. It comes equipped with the X1 Ultimate processor, which reportedly helps deliver the depth in picture and details of an 8K television. The extra bucks you pay for an 8K resolution means you can expect double the clarity of 4K, the darkest blacks and a super-wide viewing angle detail with X-Wide Angle. Apart from that, the Z8H features enhanced colour, contrast, and clarity thanks to the Full Array LED screen.



The X1 Ultimate Processor will also help upconvert anything shot in 2K or 4K up to 8K. So, no matter what  you’re watching, you will be assured to see it in 8K thanks to the processor converting the image to a remastered, higher-quality version.

Another great feature about the Z8H is that it comes with an in-built BRAVIA Game Mode, dedicated to provide the best gameplay experience while playing your PlayStation 5.

The Sony Z8H will officially be on sale in India from October 5, for a price of Rs 13,99,990.