RIP DualShock. You served us well, but now its time for evolution to do its thing. We have an all-new controller now and things have changed quite a bit.

On the outside, the new controller hasn’t undergone a lot of changes. It definitely is a lot more sleeker now and boasts a beautiful two-tone colour scheme. But on the inside, is where things have changed. You now have the previously announced haptic feedback (replacing the old rumble technology in previous controllers) and the new “adaptive triggers” that can adjust the resistance of the triggers for different gameplay effects. You also get an all-new integrated microphone, a first for Sony’s controllers, along with a USB-C port, that was long-overdue.As a bonus, Sony also confirmed that they have retained the headphone jack for your wired earphones.

Sony has still not revealed what the PS 5 console will look like. But the controller is here, which indicates the console shouldn’t be too far away.