Pick up any episode of The Jetsons, and you’d see them driving around in flying cars. We haven’t come close to creating flying cars, but self-driving cars is very much a possibility in the coming years.

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC), a subsidiary of Tata Motors, recently unveiled their breakthrough in self driving technology, after three years of tests. The Coventry-based TMETC has been running trials of the self-driving Hexa and autonomous Tiago through the roads of UK.

When asked about when the technology would make its way home, and if it was even possible, Chief Technology Officer, Rajendra Petkar, said “road congestion, air pollution and road safety, are acute concerns in India. We are likely to embrace connected, electric and shared technology sooner and therefore it is essential we remain at the forefront of these developments.”

Self-driven cars zipping through India’s roads is definitely a difficult concept to grasp, but hopefully won’t be an impossible one.


Picture Credits – Instagram @tata_motors_classic