Surely, somewhere out there, are people who want a mobile phone that does nothing but make and receive calls and text messages. Surely there exists a minuscule set who couldn’t give a toss about whether a mobile phone can predict the Presidential elections or help launch a moon rocket. For these quasi-Luddites, help is at hand in the form of the Punkt MP01.

A slick, well-built device that looks like an old-school calculator, the MP01 takes things like apps, touchscreens, cameras and sphygmomanometers (we’re kidding about one of these) and throws them out of the window – the only concession to some kind of advanced technology is the inclusion of Bluetooth. Punkt claims the phone is built to last, has excellent sound quality and a long-lasting battery (although strangely, their website says “The MP 01 boasts forgettable battery levels for peace of mind.”) This isn’t the only product Punkt makes, mind you. They also produce a cordless home phone that – you guessed it – only makes calls, an alarm clock that only, well, alarms, a 3-in-1 device charger and a desktop de-cluttering device. We reckon everyone could use a dose of keeping it simple.