Let’s admit it, smartwatch design aren’t revolutionary. We get it, there isn’t much you can do in the first place, but some companies have still managed to pull of some great designs.

Of course, the Apple Watch is the most recognisable smartwatch design out there, but other companies prefer playing to their strengths and bring out their brand identity through the designs. For example, Fossil’s subtle, sophisticated design or Diesel’s signature loud and exaggerated design language portrayed on the ON Full Guard 2.5. But a tech giant like Google is missing from this populated segment. The company has announced that the Pixel Watch is definitely on its way, but we just need to wait.

The Pixel Watch is a smartwatch the world is waiting for, as well as the folks at Apple, waiting to hopefully get a challenge. But Google is taking its time to perfect the watch. Till then, designer James Tsai showcased his concept images for a sleek and gorgeous Pixel Watch.



Tsai takes inspiration from the current line of “Made By Google” devices, and opts for a more fun aesthetic rather than the usual sophisticated, watch-y designs.



“The Pixel Watch features a circular display with a soft-touch area creating a smooth tactile finish,” Tsai writes. “The matte glass screen can always match the wrist band’s color when Always-On mode is on. The variety of matte and glossy materials adds a creamy and sleek feel to the smartwatch experience.”



Of course, we’re still far away from getting these kind of sleek smartwatches, but with brands pushing each other to offer the most unique smartwatch for users, we’re definitely not far from making these concepts a reality.


(Image Credit: James Tsai)