The upcoming Xbox Series X is a highly-anticipated console for 2020. And while the console looks like a sleek, black brick that houses a lot of power within it, it’s not an exciting design as such. And we never expected it to be that either. A gaming console doesn’t need to score 10/10 in the design department but a few aesthetic bonuses are always welcomed.

Designer Joseph Dumary decided to to put his soon to it. He created a concept render for the upcoming Microsoft console that houses a projector and speaker inside the console. Dubbed the ‘Xbox Project Oris,’ the console features a 3D speaker system and a built-in projector capable of high 8K HDR resolution.

According to Hypebeast, the projector is a laser short-throw unit with Motion+ technology that’s able to detect walls automatically. According to T3, “Brightness is rated at 2,500 lumens and its lamp life is visualized at 23,000 hours.”

But that’s not all. The concept console also includes a virtual assistant that can play music, control the lights, and set game reminders.