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WTF News: Everything That Went Down This Week

From a Tesla car self-destructing to Samsung withdrawing their Glalxy Fold phone

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A lot went down this week in the world of auto and tech that made us go WTF!

Starting things off, Samsung recently recalled its Galaxy Fold smartphones because of display issues. That’s a shame because a whole lot of people already got the phones when this issue came into the limelight. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be Samsung’s most iconic phone they’ve ever made. A phone that can fold has been only rumoured to be possible but just when Samsung decided to prove everyone wrong, this happens. We really can’t be too mad at this because come on, a screen that folds completely is bound to create some kind of display problems, right?


Another major fail that happened this week was for Elon Musk and his company Tesla Motors. A video recently surfaced and went viral of a CCTV footage showing a Tesla Model S car smoking up and eventually catching fire. This naturally, is a humongous deal because Tesla is known not only for its battery run vehicles but also for its emphasis on safety. Luckily, no one was present in the car and nobody else was injured. 

Watch what exactly happened below:


The third piece of WTF news comes from Microsoft and Jordan brand. The two announced a bizarre collaboration this week when they revealed a Jordan Proto wrapped Xbox one X. Now look, we love Microsoft and we love Jordan, but who really wants to own an Xbox console that looks like a shoe?