Xiaomi is a formidable name in the smartphone industry. Their sales figures and popularity alone makes the Chinese brand one of the most successful smartphone makers of all time. But now, they have achieved a new milestone by passing Huawei and making it to the third spot on the list of the top smartphone makers in February 2020.

Huawei was forced to step down of its third position after shipping just 5.5 million smartphones while Xiaomi managed to ship 6 million. Samsung remained at the first position, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo.

While this is still a huge achievement for Xiaomi, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic brought down a huge chunk of sales for almost every manufacturer out there, and Huawei and Xiamoi were not immune to it. The current numbers for both are a steep decline from the Huawei’s 12.2 million and Xiaomi’s 10 million shipped in January of 2020. Compared to February 2019, Huawei shipped nearly 70 per cent less phones in February of 2020 while Xiaomi’s shipments slumped around 30 per cent.

Another major reason for Huawei’s drop is due to its phones lacking Google apps and services. While Huawei struggles, companies like Xiaomi have capitalised on the moment and are pushing competitively-priced smartphones and other products with impressive features.