Approved organisations will now be able to receive funds directly from Live viewers after Instagram added a feature that allows them to directly support these non-profits.

The host of the Live Stream can choose to decide what organisation they wish to support, see how much they’ve raised and they’ll also be able to view individual contributions in case they wish to give a shoutout. According to The Verge, all proceeds go to the organisations and Instagram doesn’t take a cut.

How does this happen? Hosts can choose to make it into a fundraiser from the get-go and while Instagram already offers a donation sticker that can be used in stories, this new feature is an added benefit.

Instagram recently said that their Live usage is up by 70 per cent in the United States and this could be a reason why the feature has become a central focus. In fact, the company might even streamline the process of the Live to IGTV, reports The Verge.