10 Unique Swiss Adventures You’ll Love
10 Unique Swiss Adventures You’ll Love

The scenic beauty of Switzerland is enough to warrant a trip there, but we’re letting you know that it’s also heaven for adventure junkies.

The Titlis Cliff Walk


Taking adventure to a new level (literally), the Titlis Cliff Walk dares you to cross the 100-meter long pedestrian bridge built between two cliffs, at 3,000 meters above sea level. With a mountain view to die for, you can also dangle your legs over the Ice Flyer, a ski lift designed to carry you over the peaks, and experience the world’s first revolving cable car – the Rotair Gondela.


Canyoning in Interlaken



This one’s for thrill-seeking junkies looking for their next adrenaline hit. Interlaken is the place to be for all your extreme adventures, with gorgeous waterfalls, dramatic jumps and spectacular waterslides that will take your breath away. Canyoning is for all those who are hungry for adventure and love to explore hidden gorges. Get back to nature and transform your trip, as you emerge from your water activities, soaked from head to toe, and laughing out loud with sheer joy.


The Olympic Bob Run



Numerous World Championships, European Championships and even World Cup races have been held over this course over 110 years, and it has garnered popularity across the world. The Olympic Bob Run, with a speed of up to 150 km/hr, gets your heart racing as you ride on the straights, into the curves and around the high walls, where your nerves are tested to the limit. Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, who tried this 75 seconds of pure adrenalin and became a certified speedster, considers this as an action-packed adventure which everyone must experience. The St. Moritz run is also the last of its kind, in the world, to be refrigerated naturally.


Hiking in the Aletsch Glacier



When you walk across the longest and largest glacier in Western Europe, you can’t help but stare in awe. Aletsch is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Glacier hike is a two-day tour which highlights the unique mountain world of Swiss Alps Jungfrau. The feeling that overpowers you, as you gaze over 27 billion tons of ice and picture the path curving past surreal waterfalls, pines and proud mountains, is one that can’t be put into words – it has to be experienced deep within your adventurous heart.


Wine in Lavaux



You’ve dreamt of lazily strolling through vineyards, with a bottle of the world’s finest wine cradling in your arms – and that’s exactly what you can do at Lavaux, the largest vineyard region in Switzerland, also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007. Get your Zen mode on as you walk through caveaux des vignerons (wine cellars) and take in the beauty of Lake Geneva, as timeless villages float by you, putting you in a state of unbridled happiness. Switzerland doesn’t export its wine, so you’d best drink some of that exclusive nectar of the grape gods right away.


The Aare River



Just a short 45 kilometres away from Bern is the beautiful Aare River, which is the longest river that flows entirely in Switzerland. Travel insiders have been sharing gorgeous photos of blue skies and lazy river bends on Instagram that have made us put this on our off-the-beaten track Swiss to-do list. Boats, ships and even rafts are too mainstream. If you want to float down a crystal clear river, you have to do it as nature intended it to be: strip down to your bathing suit and jump right in. Allowing the deliciously cool and deep blue waters of the river to carry you back into town should make its way into the list of things you definitely need to do in this gorgeous country.


The Hammetschwand Elevator



Ever wondered what it feels like to just take off into the air like a superhero and embrace the view from above the world? The Hammetschwand Elevator gives you this thrill, and you definitely don’t have to survive a superhero fight to tell the tale. The passengers in the lift are carried from an underground boarding station into an open-air


shaft, leading to the top of Bürgenstock mountain, in less than a minute, and you also get a heavenly view of Lake Lucerne. This outdoor lift has survived both World Wars, making it a thrilling world record holding attraction, and a ride that you don’t want to miss.


Hell Grottoes Caves



How many times have you watched ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ and wondered what it was like to explore a part of the planet that was hidden away from the world? Lorzentobel will grant you hours of exploration in the underground world of the 6,000-year old Hell Grottoes Caves, which are lit with eerie lights, making them look like a mystical portal to another dimension, where the real magic happens. With colourful stalagmites and stalactites, beautiful little lakes and the most surreal rock formations, this cave is legendary and draws people from all over the world every year.





Why long for a snowy Christmas, when you can make your way to Grindelwald, in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, for some intense tobogganing? This toboggan run is 15 kilometres long, with a vertical drop of 1,600 metres, making Big Pintenfritz the longest toboggan run in Europe. Prepping yourself for fun is super easy, as all you have to do


is prop your body on wooden sledges, brace yourself and prepare your mind for memories of a lifetime. With just a push, let go of all your inhibitions, as you let gravity take over while you zip down snow-white landscapes, and feel the icy winds pinch your cheeks to a pink glow.


Goldeneye Bungee Jump



How would you like to go on a mission for Her Majesty’s Service and save the world from the most wanted criminals? Visualise yourself as the next James Bond, as you plunge into the depths, in a 7.5-second free fall, at 220 altitude meters, parallel to the impressive dam. The Golden Eye Bungee jump will make you the most badass hero that this world needs.

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