14 Collections By Izhaar That Are A Perfect Gifting Option This Diwali
14 Collections By Izhaar That Are A Perfect Gifting Option This Diwali

This collection is a treat for sore eyes.

You have to check them out to believe their true worth. They can make a perfect Diwali gift for someone special, as their quality ensures that the recipient will appreciate it for years to come. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 14 magnificent collections. 


Aaina Collection



Plain but colorful, this collection is made of rich white mirror but what makes it different is its great reflective qualities. When packaged as a gift, it merges well with almost anything. Moreover, here at Izhaar we have a myriad of shapes textures that play along with the flexible quality of an aaina—to take a few examples we have the oxidized look, the pop art and floral prints! When is doubt choose our venetian mirror aina collection!


Cleopatra Collection



This collection is an inspiration from the earlier times when Princess Cleopatra reigned over Egypt. The antiqueness, the intricate carving and the emblem, all embody the richness and ornacy of those days. Enthused by the swarna mudra of those days, it is cladded with semiprecious stones and are protracted form the top to bring its similarity with the royal spirit bottles in those days. Some of the products are even in groups of three making it a perfect gifting choice!


Marble Collection



Marble can be heavy and hard to carry, but isn’t it the most striking and beautiful material? Here at Izhaar, we have not only encapsulated that beauty but also augmented it by making the heft negligible. Made out of pure marble dust, this ensemble is meticulously sculpted with ancient roman design with a subtle Indian accent.


Trinity Collection



A trinity usually symbolizes the overlap of three important values, goals or symbols. Here at Core Designs, The Trinity collection is the amalgamation of all the levels of the society—copper (Shudra) silver (Vaishya and Kshatriya) and gold (Brahman). It embodies the idea of unity. Each product in this collection is duplicated in all the three colors, which are exhibited together.


Lily Collection



Kamal Ka Phool or Lotus, is an extremely auspicious entity because of its relation with the Goddess of Wealth—Lakshmi. Furthermore, it gives a grandiose and majestic vibe, which is the perfect feel to get for any occasion. Made of high-grade steel, each product in this ensemble is intricately made in parts and pieces and then put together.


Moscow Mule



When water is stored in a copper vessel, the copper gently leaches into the water and lends it a myriad of its positive properties—it helps fight bacteria and many diseases, it even aids in digestion and helps in the stimulation of the brain. These benefits cannot be infused by any herb, fruit or vegetable. Hence, inspired the famous drink “Moscow Mule”, which is only served in copper mugs.


Square Topaz Collection



Embossed with the intricacy of the Moroccan mausoleums, The Square Topaz collection is going make your jaw drop. In this, each mosaic tile placed in symmetry between the meticulous gold foiled Turkish Jaali.


Turkey Collection



An embossed Moroccan jaali, marked with a combination of geometrical and Islamic mausoleum designs, this collection gives you a whiff of Turkey at a first glance. Moreover, the prints are highlighted with different shades of avocado green, making the finish even grander. Finally, to top it all, we have a variety of imported, arty knobs which will definitely suit your style and liking.


Malachite Collection



Izhaar by Core Designs, greatly promotes reusability and ecofriendliness. Green as a color is greatly associated with this motto and apart from that, it also carries an undertone of zeal, activity and freshness. It’s connotation with greenery too, has made it the color of the year, 2017. This collection has a multitude of product designs, materials and shapes but essentially, they’re all lacquered with vibrant shades of greens.


Alexander Collection



Inspired by the shape of a solitaire, the Alexander Collection ironically emphasises manliness. Our most subtle, but rich collection is an anomaly to the typical Indian design. To bring out the finesse that this collection embodies, our finest hardware and locks have been supplemented, which open into a suede covered inner side.


Funky Feet



India is the land of colors. All our weddings, festivals and every other ceremony is a medley of technicolor. This particular collection combines this particular aspect of the Indian community—the liveliness, the splendor and the joy. All of it is coupled into this funky collection, which stands on groovy handpainted Indian nawabi shoes.


Elizabeth Collection



See the words royalty and red, and the first name that would pop into your head would be the great Queen Elizabeth. This collection comprises of an off-white lacquer, on top of which is a beautiful and intricate mausoleum work. To make the look even richer, a gold lining is given at each juncture.


Love Birds Collection



India used to be known as the golden bird and in retrospect of that, Core Designs presents to you the ornate Bird Collection. Birds are characterized by their feathers, vibrant colors and dreamy flight and we have created something for you to complement these reveries.


Mast Mayur Collection



What embodies color, royalty and beauty and at the same time—nothing other than the mast mayur. This collection works around these three words, symbolizing and materializing each one of them. Our peacock motif is imprinted on beautiful lacquered platters which make them worthy to decorate and store in your houses for years to come.

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