5 Bollywood Couples Who Need A Sex Guru
5 Bollywood Couples Who Need A Sex Guru

Bollywood couples with zero chemistry could do with some advice from sex guru Kenneth Play.

There are chances a layman would always be awestruck with the kind moves that they show in porn and would want to replicate it in real life. Sadly, it isn’t always a feasible idea since those moves are performed by professionals who’re well trained in that department (you know what we mean).


But what if we tell you there’s a way of improving your bedroom skills with the help of a coach who is willing to train you and offer you a more practical guidance, for a certain fee? Unbelievable, right?


Well, meet Kenneth Play from New York, a former fitness instructor who turned sex guru and who hosts private sessions (called Play Labs) for clients who wish to explore their sexuality.  The self professed sex geek holds these sessions for a certain fee and which take place in the comfort of the client’s home (lasting for up to three to four hours). Some of the most important skills he imparts to clients are about female ejaculation, exploring different types of kink, and more. And all of this is either demonstrated on an assistant or a sex doll without any form of intimacy with the client themselves.



In an interview with The Sun he recently stated how, “Performance anxiety is a huge thing for many people, so one of the key things I teach is how to focus the mind and connect with their partner. Sexuality is very natural to us when we strip away all the shame. We do the two sex sessions so there isn’t pressure to get there all in one sitting.”



There’s a saying how couples need to have certain fireworks to sustain their relationship and that is only possible when they have a healthy sex life. And if you come to think of it, there are a number of Bollywood personalities who seem to have little to no chemistry between them. So on that note, here’s taking a look at some-such couples who could do with some advice from sex geek Kenneth Play.


This is, of course, wishful thinking (because that’s what we do best).


Kiran Rao – Aamir Khan


We know when you’re married for a long time (11 years to be precise), it does take a toll on your relationship. We think Kiran and Aamir could do with some advice to bring that spark back into their relationship because Aamir Khan seems to share better chemistry with his co-stars than her.


Manyata – Sanjay Dutt


They have seen a lot of ups and downs after their wedding which include Sanjay Dutt’s jail term which he finally completed some time ago. So we thought it’s time to rekindle that sizzling chemistry before life’s adversities got the better of them.


Madhuri Dixit – Doctor Nene


Madhuri Dixit broke many hearts after she decided to leave her Bollywood career behind to marry Doctor Nene. The much sought-after actress was also a muse to MF Hussain. We think Doctor Nene definitely needs to up his game and maybe Kenneth Play can be a great mentor. 


Sridevi – Boney Kapoor


Sridevi and Anil Kapoor shared some sizzling chemistry on-screen but it was his brother Boney Kapoor who tied the knot with her. Definitely not one of the most ideal couples in Bollywood, we think it’s time Boney Kapoor adds a layer of charm to his otherwise boring personality by scheduling a meeting with Kenneth Play.  


Kajol – Ajay Devgn


Everyone knows about their real-life story but we bet, everyone still secretly vouches for an SRK and Kajol union (whether it is on-screen or off-screen). Which may be one of the reasons why Ajay and SRK share some cold vibes since many years now.



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