Ask us, and we’ll tell you that we would give anything to turn back the clock and re-live our college days. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But, I am sure some of you readers are lucky enough to still be living the carefree college life. Some of you may even be thinking about the graduation ceremony, that is just around the corner.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, give these graduation songs a listen and thank god for making colleges.

Yaaron – KK

It’s a melodious song by KK that never gets old. That is why it’s a favourite in graduation ceremonies. KK’s other song, Pal, is another superhit. 

College Days – Gaurav Dagaonkar

It’s not the best song on this list by a great margin, but we are including it because it has ‘Graduation Ceremony’ written all over it. Our favorite line, “Saala, kya bekaar paper set kiya tha yaar!”

Atrangi Yaari – Wazir

Another song that celebrates friendship well, Atrangi Yaari is another great song to play on graduation day. After all, we make friends for life during college.

Purani Jeans – Haider Ali

A 90s superhit all the way from Pakistan, Purani Jeans is a song that makes us happy and sad at the same time – happy because we love the memories, sad because we know we can’t bring back the past.

Papa Kehte Hain – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Probably the biggest hit of them all, Papa Kehte Hain sees a chocolate boy Aamir Khan give everyone a grand farewell. Our only complaint with this is that most people in this video (except Aamir) look far older than college students.