5 Reasons Why Being Alone Is Not The Same As Being Lonely
5 Reasons Why Being Alone Is Not The Same As Being Lonely

A lot of people look at lonely people with disdain. This article aims to change that.

A lot of people look at lonely people with disdain. They think that if a person is eating alone in a restaurant or buying a single movie ticket or if they aren’t married, then there is something wrong with him or her. Probably, they are not capable of making friends or finding mates. Or not interesting enough. Probably, they are sad about the fact that they are alone, and wish that they could have some company.


All this is not true. A person can be entirely happy without hanging out with friends. These are some reasons why.


It’s a choice, not a compulsion


You may get invites from friends, may be approached by strangers, etc. but you choose not to respond to these advances. It’s because listening to someone else’s clichéd and boring story, doesn’t really float your boat. Also, you are not too enthusiastic about diplomacy, and don’t tell people what they want to hear.


You observe a lot more when you are alone


It’s true. That’s why so many of the visionaries of the world spent the majority of their time alone. With people, you are too caught up in their problems and their issues. Whereas wihout people, you can spend your energies into thinking about changing the world and creating something new. Also, you notice a lot more things about your surroundings (and your inner self) when you don’t have to make small talk.


You can pursue a hobby


Life is too short to not be learning something new. While friends are great, skills are even better. Whether it is cooking, dancing or playing a musical instrument, everything needs you to spend some ‘me time’.


You can read more books and write things


Almost every writer worth his/her salt, will agree that it is a job that requires a lot of imagination and introspection. Something which is impossible to achieve in a social setting. Reading books too is something that you don’t usually do with other people (unless you are sitting in an English Literature classroom).


It makes you stronger


Even if you are alone out of compulsion, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since it teaches you resilience and makes you stronger. You don’t need support to help you resolve your problems, and can withstand the roughest of storms without batting an eyelid.

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