5 Reasons To Not Get Married
5 Reasons To Not Get Married

Here’s a list of some valid reasons why choosing to stay single can be a good thing.


Here’s a list of some valid reasons why choosing to stay single can be a good thing



It takes a toll on your finances



The financial aspect of marriage is one of the biggest stressors because you have to take into consideration joint bank accounts and assets for which you’re likely to have some disagreements. These things create a negative impact on a relationship and even your finances.  



You can travel more



If you’re single, you’re likely to travel more and save that cash on something more productive. We’re not saying that married people don’t get to travel. Just that you’re freer when you’re unmarried and that it helps reducing or avoiding unnecessary complications when you’re travelling.  



Possibility of a divorce



There is always a possibility of a painful ending of a relationship, leading to a divorce. And mind you, it is an expensive process.



Can put friendships at a risk



Getting married means that there will occur a change in your relationships with your loved ones that include your family or friends.



Rather, invest in your career



You can put in some more efforts in building your career and grow in your field of work instead of focusing on marriage and other responsibilities.

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