5 Things Engineers Google
5 Things Engineers Google

Here’s taking a look at the top 5 things most engineers google after those back-breaking assignments, projects and the skewed sleep cycles.


The statistics say it all. With almost half the country’s population heading for an engineering degree and with only 9 percent of the engineering workforce comprising females, the skewed sex ratio is bound to mess with your brain. So, here’s taking a look at the top 5 things most engineering students google after those back-breaking assignments and the skewed sleep cycles.


How to impress a girl


We understand. The constant interactions with lab assistants, begging teachers for marks and running around for projects leaves no scope for building social skills. So we don’t blame you.


Why don’t girls like nice guys?


So you come across the woman of your dreams but she thinks you’re a geek (boring) and tells you upfront that you’re all too nice. Does that sound familiar? Well, google to the rescue.  


How do I get porn membership for free? 


Any doubt about that?


How to play the guitar


Well, don’t we all believe in the theory that guys who play the guitar become 90 percent more attractive to women?


Where to get cheap booze


So whether it is a heartbreak, bad grades, the mechanical lifestyle or the bland hostel food, cheap booze with the bros is definitely the savior, isn’t it?



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