5 Types Of People You Will Find At Every Workplace
5 Types Of People You Will Find At Every Workplace

All workplaces are incomplete without these essential characters.

Working environment can differ from company to company but then you are bound to meet these people at every workplace. Here’s taking look at some essential characters that every workplace is incomplete without. 


The Workaholic



You may never see them come and go for they are the permanent residents of the office.



The Restroom Gossiper



A constant stream of gossip is what keeps an office alive. And there’s no place better than the restroom (where most people can overhear you and carry-forward the gossip).  



The Loner



They’re here to work hard and nothing more. Don’t expect them to accompany you for that happy hour.



The Punctual One



Some people are never, ever stuck in traffic jams and seem to have a private helicopter at their disposal.



The One Who Is Always On Leave



There’s always this one person in office who has a ghost-like existence. They may be a part of emails, conversations and gossips but they’re yet to prove their physical existence. 

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