6 Aphrodisiacs That'll Help Spice Up Your Relationship


Did you know? Certain foods are powerful aphrodisiacs that act as natural libido enhancers and can boost your sexual drive and performance. And we’re not kidding.


The buzz about natural aphrodisiacs has been out and about since time immemorial. Some may be skeptical about this theory, but there’s no denying the fact that these foods do help stimulate bodily desires and get your mojo back. So, here’s taking a look at a few desi ways that’ll help spice up your relationship and get you in the mood. Take a look.


Chili pepper



This stimulating spice has an exotic reputation of being one of the best aphrodisiacs that help stimulate endorphins, make you sweat and speed up the heart rate, just like how it is when you’re aroused. So add a little bit of that Chili pepper into your meal from now onwards.






According to experts, cinnamon heats up the body and in turn, boosts your sexual drive. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help normalize your blood sugar. So all you need to do is mix some cinnamon in a glass of milk and drink it before bedtime. 






This fantastic herb is renowned to enhance desire. Consuming this herb as a topping over your food or soup can increase your heart rate, help improve your blood flow and basically spice up your sex life. What more do you want?  



The Curry



Well, studies suggest that the spices present in the curry increase the heart rate and blood pressure, quite like when you’re aroused. We bet you didn’t know that, did you?  






One of the greatest natural aphrodisiacs around, ginger increases blood circulation, the body temperature and of course, increases desire.






One of the most commonly known aphrodisiacs, honey is a symbol of procreation, if you know what we mean. Created out of pollination, honey contains boron which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and gives you a natural energy boost. Ever heard of the “the birds and the bees” phrase? Well, now you know.

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