Arjun Rampal aims to Ban Body Odour
Arjun Rampal aims to Ban Body Odour

The Rock On !! star launches Nivea’s new Deodorizer for men

Nivea Men brand ambassador Arjun Rampal, launched Nivea’s latest weapon in their fight against body odour. The all new Nivea Men Body Deodorizer rises above the fray of ordinary deodorants by being having a more lasting effect on the user when applied directly to the skin.


According to Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director of NIVEA India “Nivea Body Deodorizer helps control and curb body odour instead of masking it”. He also went on to affirm that the deodorizer benefits from the attention Nivea gives to skin care.


Speaking about Nivea’s #BanBodyOdour campaign, Arjun Rampal said “People have to realise the bad body odour is not only punishing their friends and colleagues, but is also affecting them by alienating them from their social and professional circles”. The product comes in a 120 ml gas-free spray can, and retails at Rs 250.


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