Beds And Brooms: Bizarre Check-In Requests Made By Indians On Global Flights
Beds And Brooms: Bizarre Check-In Requests Made By Indians On Global Flights

Stop everything you’re doing and read.

Stop everything you’re doing and read this. 


Virgin Atlantic recently came up with a list of unusual things that passengers from across the globe carry when they travel. And it is hilarious.


According to their survey, one of the most bizarre items that Indians have tried to check-in for a flight from Delhi to London is, well, the head board of a bed. And we aren’t kidding.


Brooms and folding beds are next in line among the most common (and odd) check-in requests by Indians. The airline officials confirmed in an interview with a leading daily about how, “(Indian) students usually ask if they can carry mangoes and pressure cookers, Maggi and ready to eat food packs”.





In other parts of the world, the list of bizarre items included a variety of animals (such as fish, a budgie on a customer’s shoulder, among other things), car engines, loose tyres, car bumpers, a large fridge freezer from Las Vegas, and even a bath tub that was supposed to fly from London to Johannesburg.  


According to Nick Park, who is the head of Middle East, Africa and India at Virgin Atlantic, “We’ve always flown to an eclectic mix of destinations, so it’s only right to expect an eclectic selection of baggage. Our local team in Delhi and our global teams around the world speak to so many customers on a daily basis and it certainly brightens their day when they notice something out of the ordinary. However, to ensure our customers have the smoothest journey possible, it’s always best to visit our website to check what is allowed on-board which certainly doesn’t include bathtubs!”


So if you are ever flying with Virgin Atlantic, do ensure you go through their website before you carry that washing machine along with you to the airport. Just saying. 

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