Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Their Own Apps
Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Their Own Apps

There are numerous Bollywood celebrities who have launched their own apps in recent times.

Will he? Won’t he? This is the question that is playing on the minds of all Shah Rukh Khan fans. Well, for all those who didn’t know, recently news surfaced that SRK will be launching his own app that will be specially dedicated to his fans, and it definitely gave them a new reason to rejoice. But according to the latest update, SRK’s spokesperson has confirmed that these are baseless rumours, putting all the endless speculation to rest.


Now whether this is true or not, all we can say is that it’s not really a bad idea, given the fact that there are other numerous Bollywood celebrities who have their own apps. Take a look.


Sonam Kapoor



She first launched her official app in April 2016 and then became the first Indian celebrity to have her own range of emoticons. The app offers style tips, her fitness and nutrition regime, and live streams where her fans can interact and chat with her.   



Alia Bhatt



If you can’t get enough of Alia Bhatt on-screen, there’s a way she can become your best friend. In a first for a Bollywood actor, Alia Bhatt is now a character in a live simulation mobile game wherein she is the player’s best friend who provides them guidance to rise in the film industry. The game offers a number of interactive activities such as wearing designer clothes, dancing, giving interviews, and more.



 Salman Khan



Salman Khan launched BeingInTouch last year, which provides an insight into the heartthrob’s life, his workout routine, his favourite food and more. There’s also a jobs tab (if you’re interested) for his brand, Being Human, while the users can also avail discounts from brands that have been listed in the app. Definitely a treat for all Salman Khan fans.



Sunny Leone



Now fans can interact and meet Sunny Leone by participating in contests and win prizes such as event tickets, and more through her new app known as the Sunny Leone Official app. And not only this, Sunny Leone also has a host of emoticons on a different chat app. How cool is that!  



Disha Patani



Actress Disha Patani also joined the digital bandwagon and recently launched her own app known as the Disha Patani Official app which features live broadcasts, built-in playlists, and more.

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