Bollywood’s Haryana Obsession


Bollywood’s obsession with the snow-kissed mountains of Switzerland is well known and it was popularized by none other than Yash Chopra. Then there came a point in time when the lush green spaces and the golden mustard fields of our very own Punjab became a favourite destination.


But if you look at the recent trend, Haryana seems to be catching every filmmaker’s fancy where the narrative highlights the local flavour and regional peculiarities of the state. And the best part is, filmmakers these days ensure our Bollywood stars get the Haryanvi accent right, giving way to an instant audience connect. So, here’s taking a look at a few films which had the state and its culture as the backdrop.




Referred to as the wrestling capital of the country, it was obvious Sultan filmmakers would choose Haryana as the backdrop for their story which was based on the sport. Salman Khan (Sultan Ali Khan) plays a middle-aged wrestler who gives up the sport, but certain circumstances force him to revive his career.






Based on a true story about Mahivir Singh Phogat and his daughters, this film earned rave reviews across the country and the actors definitely aced the Haryanvi accent.  The film was about Mahavir Singh Phogat who trains his young daughters to become world class wrestlers.



Tanu Weds Manu Returns



Kangana Ranaut captured the flavour  of the state with her powerhouse performance in Tanu Weds Manu Returns as the tomboyish and fierce lass who was a state level athletics champion from Haryana. And her raw Haryanvi lingo was delivered to perfection, thanks to her accent coach.



Laal Rang



Randeep Hooda delivered a powerful performance in Laal Rang, which is a story about illegal trade of blood. Of course, owing to his Haryana roots, Randeep Hooda was the perfect choice for this role.






Anushka Sharma’s mind blowing performance was, of course, the highlight of the film which was a story about a young couple whose road trip goes awry after their encounter with a group of criminals.

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