Make way for the Zegna Trofeo Waxed Wool collection which is a major wool innovation, created out of 100% Trofeo wool and a unique greaseless resin treatment.


Inspired By Nature


It all started with their founder Ermenegildo Zegna’s vision for the region of the Biella Alps in Northern Italy. Today, visitors to the Oasi Zegna natural park enjoy the fruits of his work: a beautiful haven of nature.





It is this landscape that inspired the new Trofeo Country collection. The inspiration also stemmed from the spirit of a place and the colours of the fall in the Oasi Zegna.


Unique Colours and Shades 


Like the leaves scattered on the forest ground, each Trofeo Country jacket has a unique colour. Each coat is a piece of pure white Trofeo wool, which is then coated with waterproofing wax, to provide certain water-resistant qualities to the fabric. After the garment is stitched, each coat is then put in its own individual dyeing tank.





The garment dyeing technique adds different shades of colours to the wool, on the insides, the outsides and the collar, providing depth and a variety of dimensions to the garment. Just like how the soil in the forest of Oasi Zegna yields a different colour, the white waxed jacket transforms into a uniquely coloured coat, extremely soft to the touch.


A Country Soul, for the City 





The Trofeo Country’s elegant cut, rich hues and precision detailing makes it the perfect citywear while on warmer days you can remove or detach its down-filled gilet.


The Textures of the Mountains


The fabric is crafted in a way in which all the elements of nature such as the earth, water, wind and fire, are brought together. The Country Coat brings together many textures such as the leather of the zip pulls, the metal of the buttons, the down-filled detachable warmer, the wax coating and the detachable corduroy shirt collar.





Defined in multiple styles, from the classic field jacket to the younger bomber and stylish parka, the Trofeo Waxed Wool emphasizes the brand’s passion towards satisfying the desires, the needs and the individuality of each customer. With its detachable and interchangeable down-filled warmer in contrasting colours, which is mixed to create multiple versions, the Trofeo Waxed Wool is the perfect transseasonal piece for every man’s wardrobe.





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