Every 90s Kid Will Remember Doing These Things On Teachers Day
Every 90s Kid Will Remember Doing These Things On Teachers Day

You had to buy gifts for every teacher, watch a cultural show that included singing and dancing. Plus, there were always the principal imparting his/her words of wisdom.

As grown up professionals, we tend to forget or look forward to Teachers Day. That said, the day brings back too many memories of school, where this day was nothing short of a festival. You had to buy gifts for every teacher, watch a cultural show that includes singing, dancing and most importantly, listen to words of wisdom. You even got the chance to have students as your teachers, or if you were in 12th standard, find yourself representing one teacher – and get a chance to wear sarees or blazers instead of your uniform. 


I have a few unique memories associated as well. For example, there was this one time where I saw an ad on Disney Channel where you had the opportunity to send your teacher a personalized card. I signed up for it, and sent it to my English teacher. It got delivered a week later, but it was something that made her extremely happy. She even asked me, “Am I the only one you are giving this card to, or did you give it to someone else?” I won’t lie. I took so many pains to give it to her, because she was beautiful, and I had a secret crush on her. I told her, she was the only one, and she smiled. There’s nothing more to this story.


Then, I remember my time as a teacher. I was assigned to manage a bunch of third standard students, and it was a great experience, because for the first time in my life, I could see things from a teachers’ point of view. I didn’t teach them anything, but instead played games like antakshari, dumb charades and even asked people who were eager to showcase their singing skills.


Another memory that I can recollect was from 11th standard, when I was part of the cultural show. My friends had discovered that I had a talent for mimicry (which I don’t have now), and I was made to do something for the teachers day. I mimicked Asaram Bapu, Amitabh Bachchan, those people in Telebrands ads and that Sansani guy. It received an uproarious response, and at least for a week after that, I felt like a celebrity. Even unknown girls from other classes would start a conversation with me. Teachers who knew the quiet and shy Sameer, started praising me for my sudden popularity. Till date, it remains one of the sweetest memories of my life.


Another thing that comes to mind, is one teacher who asked us to wish our parents. Because they are the ones who taught us to walk, talk and eat. She gave a long lecture on that issue, a lot of which I forget now.


There are many more memories, but these are the ones that have the potential to still make me smile. God, I miss school. 

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