Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar

The film maker-actor-rock star talks to us about loving Prada, hating the Eighties and not knowing anything about perfume

A recent fashion trend that has caught your attention?


There has been a re-emergence of Indian influence in the western formal dressing space. The regular suit is getting a twist and there’s a fusion which I find interesting. I have seen people wearing longer jackets with Indian detail.


Which trend will you never fall prey to?


The Eighties, if it ever came back. That would be difficult. Something went wrong with the human race.


Who are your favourite Indian designers?


Shahab Durazi and Raghavendra Rathore. I also work a lot with Govinda Mehta and Arjun Bhasin. I liked some pieces from Sabyasachi’s latest line, which he showcased at LFW Summer Resort 15. I would love to wear his floral pants once in a while.


And internationally, whom do you enjoy wearing?


I like Prada a lot, the clothes fit really well, even when they are just off the rack. There is this brand called 7 For All Mankind which is really cool. And there is this new line from Ralph Lauren called Double RL, inspired by the whole American western theme, which has some really interesting clothes. Like in the Indo-western fusion space, a similar thing is happening with this line, where they are taking older designs and giving them a contemporary feel.


Which accessories are you fond of?


I love shoes. I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have. The other thing would be these headbands that I wear on my wrist during concerts. But I keep flinging them into the crowd, and so I don’t have a collection anymore! One thing you would want to add to your wardrobe right now? I would love to add some Indian formal wear. Three qualities that describe your personal sense of style? Comfort, a certain degree of quirkiness. Govinda Mehta has made me realise the value of silhouettes.


What is your favourite shopping destination?


I travel often to London, so I shop there, but given a choice I would shop in New York. The last buy that you have fallen in


love with? A 1920s-style railroad denim jacket from Double RL.


What are your style influences?


They keep changing, but the first time I got a suit done, I was sure thatit had to be like the ones The Beatles wore. And I feel that look of slim suits and skinny ties is still unconsciously a part of my personal style. That period has left a mark.


What do you generally prefer wearing when you are hanging out with your friends?


With friends, I am really laid back. A comfortable pair of jeans or pants, a tee and a jacket or a long-sleeved tee. Easy breezy.


If you had to choose between a tuxedo and a bandhgala, which would you instinctively go for?


I would say a bandhgala now. I was at the UN recently to talk about MARD and I badly wanted to wear a bandhgala, but the one I have is too dressy for a formal setup, so I ended up wearing a tux—which is why I said that I have to get more Indian formal wear.


Your biggest splurge so far?


Me in a Prada store. Period.


A fragrance you swear by?


I have no such loyalty. Right now, I am wearing a perfume by Polo. It is a black bottle with a logo on it. That’s how good I am with these things (laughs).


( Farhan Akhtar is the brand ambassador for Code Lifestyle’s menswear collection.)

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