Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players to have graced the football pitch. Whenever he steps foot onto the pitch, there is a sense of fear inside the opponents regarding what Ronaldo can do this time. He has always been about goals, assists, records, and milestones and does that for fun these days. He has broken countless records till now and will continue to do so in the future as well.

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We look forward to the five records that Cristiano Ronaldo can break at the upcoming Euros.

1) Most Euro Campaigns

Cristiano Ronaldo has been killing it on an international level for more than half a decade now and was part of the famous 2004 Portugal squad that included the likes of Deco and Luis Figo that reached the final and lost to Greece narrowly. Since then, Ronaldo has played in Euros three other times, in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Since he is the captain of the Portugal squad, he will be playing in this year’s competition as well. He would be looking forward to becoming the first-ever player in history to play five European Championships. This is a fantastic feat for him and one that would take some time to break.

2) Most Goals at the Euros

Goals and Cristiano Ronaldo come hand in hand and can’t stay away from each other for very long. Ronaldo is currently tied at nine goals in four tournaments with the great Michael Platini from France. It is fair to say that Ronaldo will be able to break this record sooner rather than later and become the highest goal scorer at the European Championships. 

3) Most Appearances

Cristiano Ronaldo has been arguably the best player to play for Portugal and has been there for his country whenever they needed him. He is set to record the most appearances at the European Championships, including the qualifying games. He will break the record if he plays all three of his group games against France, Hungary, and Germany. The record is currently held by his Juventus teammate and Italian goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon. The keeper has 58 caps to his name, while Ronaldo has 56 caps to his name. So if he plays all three of the group games, he will break the record, and it even seems inevitable at this point.

4) Oldest Scorer in a final

Portugal has finally shown on the world stage their capabilities as a football team, having won the previous edition of the Euros and the first-ever edition of the Uefa Nations League. They have a great team full of potential and experience and are one of the favourites to win the tournament. If they reach the final again this time around, and Ronaldo plays and scores a goal in that game, he would become the oldest goalscorer in a European Championships final. West Germany’s Bernd Hölzenbein currently holds the record which he broke in 1976. So if Portugal makes it to the final, Cristiano Ronaldo will be 36 years and 156 days old on the day.

5) All-time International Top-scorer

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current leading active goal scorer with 103 goals to his name. However, he is still six goals shy of the all-time International top scorer, which is currently held by Iran’s Ali Daei, who has 109 goals to his name. Ronaldo has time and matches on his side but would be looking to break this record sooner rather than later. This record would be a fantastic milestone in his already illustrious career and stamped his signature in history again.

Portugal and Ronaldo fans would love to see all these records get broken by their favourite player and would be destined to see what he can do at the upcoming European Championships as well.