Paragliding is considered to be one of the most adventurous sports across the world. The people who want to do paragliding in countries must sign an agreement form stating that the risk is obvious and death or injury won’t be the company’s fault under which the person is going for the paragliding. But rarely have we seen that after landing, the paraglider is getting a caution.

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A bizarre but funny incident took place recently in one of the cities in the beautiful country of Poland. Paragliding is kind of a famous adventure sport in Poland and is present throughout the country. An incident in Poland where a Paraglider who was sailing from a height of more than 12000 ft had a failed landing and had to land on a football pitch where a match was going on. The landing took place during the game, and the referee stopped the play and showed the paraglider a yellow card, which is a card used for caution when you commit a foul. This incident made everyone burst into laughter and has become a viral story on the internet since then. The parachute and the person had to leave the field immediately to continue without any more disruptions. But this incident lit up the match, the scattered audience, and now the people on social media. The match going on was a third-division league match between the two sides. Poland has seen many great players emerge from the lower divisions and reach a very high level. An example of the obvious is the current captain lead goalscorer of Poland that is Robert Lewandowski. He started his career in the lower tiers of Polish leagues and has reached great heights now. He has and always will be the pride of his country when the term football emerges. Lewandowski has now become an icon of the beautiful game in his country.

Poland provided a masterclass, and the person who recorded the video at the exact time has also to get the credit. Everything was taken in good spirit without any backfire or consequences.