Gaumata Over Women: Photographer’s Viral Campaign With Cow Masks
Gaumata Over Women: Photographer’s Viral Campaign With Cow Masks

Sujatro Ghosh from Kolkata raises questions over subservience of women safety to that of cows in the country today with #MisplacedPriorities.

Mob lynchings, inspired by cow/beef/cattle transport allegations, have unfortunately become commonplace in the India of this day and age.


And while there has been a surge in laws to protect these animals in the country (which is also a necessary step), it’s even more unfortunate that women safety laws have failed to catch the eye of the reformers in the same way.





Kolkata photographer Sujatro Ghosh’s recent campaign that has women wearing masks at circadian places raises a voice against this very disparity.


His photographs feature girls on the streets, in a train, in front of India Gate and various other common places in India that plead for the security of women.




These depictions convey that girls feel comfortable and safer carrying out these routinely activities in a cow’s mask as they do not need to worry about being judged or violated, according to the 23-year-old.





Coming up with the project was no bed of roses as women were reluctant to take part in this avant-garde idea.


“Many of them refused to be a part of it and said they can’t show their body in such a way. However, once the photos were uploaded on social media, I got a lot of calls and messages from women across the globe,” he said.



But alongside all the praise on social media, the shutterbug cum social worker has been on the receiving end of negative comments as well. The most obvious criticism comes from the brigade that didn’t bat an eye before labelling him as an ‘anti-national.’



“This project has been a rollercoaster ride. It has been appreciated in almost all the platforms in the country, but there’s always that handful of people who never tend to agree with what you say. But that does not bother me and keeps me going.”





Support the campaign with #RisingBeyondJingoism and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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