Get Ready For Facebook's Newest Meme Hub: LOL
Get Ready For Facebook’s Newest Meme Hub: LOL

Facebook is planning to launch a new hub for memes

If there’s something gen Z loves, it is definitely memes. Whether it is a good ol’ doggo meme or a history meme, gen Z is obsessed with them. And, young people mostly rely on– Instagram and Reddit for quality memes.


In a way, memes have revolutionized the way young people communicate.


And now, Facebook is planning to cater to this segment of the population. They are planning to launch a feed dedicated to memes called- LOL. And, it will be feature funny, short videos and GIF clips.


After their failed attempt to re-create TikTok, with their app Lasso, Facebook is making another bet to make it big among the younger demographics.


As per Tech Crunch, this meme hub is currently in its private beta, and Facebook is still developing it. It is supposedly divided into categories like “For You,” “Animals,” “Fails,” “Pranks” and more with content pulled from News Feed posts by top meme Pages on Facebook.


Although this could be a lengthy process, as they haven’t made the decision- if it would be a separate feature in one of Facebook’s main app or a standalone app. But, according to Tech Crunch, LOL is cringy, and it may be a desperate attempt to revive their ‘relevance’ among the youth.  



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