If you’ve always fantasized about sitting on a golden throne, then here’s your golden chance because Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York city is offering you just that. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has recently replaced one of the public toilets in the museum with a fully-functional gold pot. Well, this is a part of his exhibit titled America where viewers and visitors are invited to use the solid gold toilet, cast in 18-karat gold, which can be used as any other ordinary unisex toilet.

The ongoing exhibition began on September 16th and the luxury product aims to serve as a social commentary on the America of today. According to the museum’s website, the exhibition “offers a wink to the excesses of the art market but also evokes the American dream of opportunity for all”.


Image courtesy: www.guggenheim.org

America marks the return of artist Maurizio Cattelan, who retired from art making after his 2011-12 retrospective at the Guggenheim. With America, he returns from his “self imposed exile” in which “viewers are invited to make use of the fixture individually and privately, allows for an experience of unprecedented intimacy with a work of art,” according to the museum’s website.

For all those who’re wondering, yes, there is a guard posted outside the toilet door.