High As A Kite: Maneka Gandhi And Other Indian Politicians Who Support Marijuana
High As A Kite: Maneka Gandhi And Other Indian Politicians Who Support Marijuana

We need a lot more like them.

While college students across the country are already aware of the joys of waking and baking, and how Kerala Gold is a little pocket of pure blissful happiness, people are still averse to doing it openly. The police cracks down on several dealers, and there is an element of fear attached to smoking the herb.


That said, the entire world has been arguing about how marijuana should be legalized, so that people don’t have to smoke weed that is adulterated with a lot of harmful chemicals. In India too, the conversation has started and we’re glad. While using it for recreation may not be the best thing, it’s certainly good to use it as a mild painkiller and an aid for cancer patients. So, let’s take a look at all the politicians who are speaking up for making this vital change in society. 


Maneka Gandhi



She rose to fame for speaking up for animal rights, and now, Gandhi is supporting marijuana too. “Marijuana should be legalised for medical purposes, especially as it serves a purpose in cancer,” she said in an interview with PTI. 


Tathagata Satpathy



Tathagata  Satpathy, an Orissa MP too has supported the legalization of marijuana, “I have smoked (and unlike [Bill] Clinton who inhaled) cannabis many a time. In villages of Orissa (Odisha), many people openly smoke and, as their representative, I am not entitled to be judgmental,” he said during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). 


Dr Dharamvira Gandhi



Dr Dharamvira Gandhi, a Patiala MP, has also supported the legalization of marijuana in the past. He believes that legalisation of marijuana will help people stay away from much more dangerous synthetic drugs.


Marijuana is already legal in so many countries, most notably Netherlands. In India too, it is openly consumed in so many cities, so we think that legalizing will bring the government a lot of tax revenue. 

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