Imran Khan's Genitalia And 'Kaali Daal' - This Excerpt From Reham Khan's Book Is TMI
Imran Khan’s Genitalia And ‘Kaali Daal’ – This Excerpt From Reham Khan’s Book Is TMI

Reham Khan’s book is full of shocking stories about Pakistan’s PM candidate, Imran Khan

There’s no point in acting shy – we’ve all heard about people who use a little bit of chocolate (in more ways than one) to spice up their sex lives. However, we’ve not seen the words ‘kaali daal’ and ‘genitalia’ being used in the same sentence before – until now.


Ever since its announcement, Reham Khan’s book had been awaited with bated breath by netizens, even as many condemned it for its controversial content. Reham Khan is a journalist, a film producer and the former wife of Pakistan’s PM candidate, Imran Khan. The book had been termed ‘libellous’ even before its release, simply because of rumours that it would contain shocking details about the alleged debaucheries of Imran Khan.


Here’s the excerpt on ‘kaali daal’ from Reham Khan’s book, as reported in DNA:


“On a day in November, I’d walk into the bedroom to find my new husband lying naked on a white sheet, rubbing kaali daal (black lentils) all over himself. He laughed in embarrassment as he rubbed them on his genitalia. He then stood up and shook the lentils onto the sheet for Anwarzeb, the home help, to take away. I stood there in shock. Imran explained that Ahad, his brother-in-law, had brought a man with him who had recommended the treatment because he believed someone had done some black magic on Imran.”


This is what ‘kaali daal’ looks like, by the way:



(Credits: @diaryofherworld on Instagram)


The just-released book has many such shocking revelations about the Pakistani politician, none as much as the fact that he has illegitimate children residing in India. One particular passage details how Imran Khan revealed that he’s had affairs with married women, some of whom gave birth to his offsprings. You can read that story here.


Imran Khan is not the only one to be exposed in her book, however. Businessman Zulfikar Bukhari and cricketer Wasim Akram, amongst others, had served legal notices to the journalist over alleged excerpts of her book which contain defamatory content. The book is now available on Amazon.

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