Lego Bricks Might Be A Better Investment Than Gold Or Stocks
Lego Bricks Might Be A Better Investment Than Gold Or Stocks

Ditch gold bars for lego bricks

Are you looking for good financial advice?


Well, if your first instinct to invest all your savings in gold or stocks, you might be missing out. 


Lego might be the newest way to make bank. In recent years, they have become a hot commodity as well as a lucrative way to make money.


According to a recent study by Victoria Dobrynskaya, an assistant professor at Russia’s Higher School of Economics concluded that Lego collections yielded an average return of about 11% from 1987 to 2015 compared to gold, stocks and bonds. Whereas people who invested in gold have received a 9.6 % annual gain over the past decade and a half.


Dobrynskaya calculated the average yearly Lego return, by gathering the initial price of 2,000 collections between 1981 and 2014, and their cost in the secondary market in 2015.


There is a huge online market for selling old Lego collections at huge profit margins. Newer collections fare better prices compared to older ones. The data suggests the relationship between the collection set (amount of pieces per set) and the price isn’t linear. Small collection sets yield the most profits, but a set with 2,000 pieces do much better than medium-sized collections.


As per Times Of India, Batman and Indiana Jones have remained popular over the years. Along with rare collection sets like Star Wars or Taj Mahal faring exponentially better in terms of profits, regular sets have also been soaring.


Price can be affected if the company restarts the production of an earlier collection sets, but the effect is temporary. As per the study, only The Simpsons collection has plummeted by 3.5% on average.





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