Lodha's World View Opens Its Doors
Lodha’s World View Opens Its Doors

The World Towers by Lodha Group is Mumbai’s most iconic residential development and aspires to redefine the city skyline.

The World Towers by Lodha Group is Mumbai’s most iconic residential development and aspires to redefine the city skyline in the manner of Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, and The Petronas Towers, in Kuala Lumpur. This dream is closer to fruition, with the launch of the 79-storeyed World View, the third and final luxury skyscraper in the triad.


With its uniquely curvilinear design and soaring heights, the three glass-and-steel silvery residence towers that make up The World Towers have more than reordered the skyline of Mumbai. Built by the Lodha Group and set in a 17-acre estate, the luxury apartment block boasts of every amenity the rich and the mighty can think of. Moreover, it is on the city’s Golden Mile that is home to some of the country’s biggest corporate parks, finest restaurants, luxury malls, five-star hotels, microbreweries and boulangeries. Pitched in the middle of this glittering stretch, The World Towers also offer convenient access to the two arms of the city.


Club W is spread across five levels and offers endless diversions


The central courtyard and the Dancing Fountain


The elegant art gallery invites you to muse among masterpieces


The fitness centre at Club W is kitted with world-class equipment


The grand ballroom has been designed by the masters at Hirsch Bedner Associates




Everything is designed to be larger than life at The World Towers, which comprises three magnificent towers — World One, World View and World Crest. As you enter the complex, your car will whisper along The Avenue, a boulevard fringed with palm trees. On one side is a carefully curated selection of designer boutiques and restaurants; on the other side is the lush Lodha Place Park. The Grand Arch, an entrance gate bigger than the Gateway of India, will usher you into the central courtyard, which is spread out across 100,000 sq ft, and has as its centrepiece, India’s grandest fountain.


Of the three buildings, World View is the final tower to open for bookings. World View has only two residences per core, divided into 3- and 4-bedroom apartments; the exceptions being the top five floors that are home to 5-bedroom villas. Each house is encased in glass, offering unending views of the slate-grey Arabian Sea and the glittering city below. At the heart of each residence is a grand living room, from which the rest of the house flows seamlessly into the bedrooms. An international roster of talents, the best in the business, have come together to design each home. The building architecture has been envisioned by world-renowned architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, whereas the building lobby has been designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates, the largest hospitality design firm in the world.


The landscape of The World Towers has been designed by well-known American landscape architect, Ken Smith, and is an aesthetic blend of the urban and the natural. It is elevated six levels above ground and is spread across five acres. Organic farms, cypress hedges, hidden groves, lotus pools, plant chandeliers, seating pods, an art gallery, an amphitheatre and cafés have been enmeshed into the area. An equal amount of thought has also been given into ensuring that your kids are more excited about spending time outdoors than burying their heads inside cell phones. Inside the kids’ zone, they will feel like they’ve stepped into an Enid Blyton adventure. With a treehouse, a funny hill, a sand boat, an island, a water wheel, a tunnel, a rock climbing wall, a rain curtain, an infant pool, play areas, flower gardens, and most importantly, an ice cream parlour, your kids will spend their evenings chasing butterflies or each other. You couldn’t possibly give them a more magical childhood than this.


In case you feel grown-ups have been short-changed when it comes to fun, The World Towers have you covered. The poolside is dotted with fitness essentials. With offerings such as a basketball court, a volleyball court, a squash court, tennis courts, badminton courts, athletic track, lap pools and even a full-sized cricket ground, you will be coaxed out of bed every day. In no time you will be sporting the body of a much younger man. Finally, Club W, The World Towers’ last bait to keep you within the private luxury of the complex, is spread across five levels and offers endless diversions. From the stately spa to the ballroom that can host state dinners, everything has been carefully choreographed here. Unless, of course, you find something missing, in which case you can engage the Lodha Group-owned St. Amand, hospitality specialists, which promises to deliver on every outlandish wish you can think of — from truffles birthed in the Black Forest to trained chauffeurs for your BMW, from arranging Mcihelin-starred chefs for intimate dinners to securing front-row tickets to the live performances of your favourite bands. On a daily basis, you will be lured into thinking you’re living in one of the finest hotels in the world.


When the Lodha Group came up with The World Towers, the dream wasn’t just to create luxury residences for the elite in the heart of Mumbai; the dream was to create skyscrapers so iconic that they would become the postcard of Mumbai. With the launch of World View, that dream is now close to becoming a reality.

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