Manchester United vs. Liverpool is the oldest rivalry in English football. The two giants of the English Premier League will battle it out on Thursday night (12:30 A.M IST). This match was initially scheduled for May 2, but due to fan protests inside and outside Old Trafford (Home stadium of Manchester United), the game was postponed, keeping in mind the security of the players and staff. 

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Liverpool has travelled again to Manchester, hoping for a win against their arch rivals. In their recent form, Liverpool has started to finally gain momentum after a very shabby start to 2021 (winning just two out of the eight English Premier League home games). Manchester United, on the other hand, have looked in great touch. They lost yesterday to Leicester City, but the team they fielded was heavily rotated. None of the players that started the game on Sunday (against Aston Villa) played yesterday against Leicester City.

Manchester United have a chance to destroy all hopes of Liverpool and its fans. If United somehow manages to get a draw or a win, it would all but end Liverpool’s hopes of a top-four finish. Liverpool requires nothing less than a win against United to stand a chance to finish in the coveted Top four of the English Premier League, and qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

This season has still been a very disastrous one for Liverpool, having won the league last season. Injuries to almost all of their significant players didn’t add to the cause. They need to strengthen their bench to pose a title challenge next season. 

Manchester United finished 3rd last season, but weren’t in a title challenge last year. However, compared to this year, they have improved their squad and overall game, and look destined to finish runners up to their Manchester rivals.

All in all, this Liverpool vs. Manchester United clash proves to be a season-deciding game for Liverpool. Manchester United would be hopeful of destroying all the hopes of Liverpool. In short, it’s going to be nothing but a fantastic spectacle to watch.