Nation-wide survey reveals India’s true stand on homosexuality
Nation-wide survey reveals India’s true stand on homosexuality

92% of young Indians are also in favour of arranged marriage

The times are-a-changing. According to a nation-wide survey done by online community IamWhoIam, 94% of India’s views stand in direct contradiction to the draconian laws that criminalise gay sex. The survey, which had over 3293 respondents (83% of whom were below the age of 35) revealed some interesting statistics regarding young India’s views on love, be it arranged or not.


A strong 92% of the respondents claimed that they found the idea of arranged marriage acceptable as long as the option of rejecting the proposal was on the table. The survey revealed that most people are open to meeting a potential life-partner through arranged measures. However, most people also declared that familial rejection of their potential spouse was a source of great stress and emotional pain – a sad truth for about 60% of participants who claimed that their family was unwilling to accept their partner of choice.


On the whole however there was a strong consensus regarding the freedom to choose a partner of one’s choice, be they of the same sex or the opposite one. They expressed strong views against ‘honour’ killings and other such social phenomena and believed that strong laws should be drafted to deter them. The survey reached out to people residing in different parts of the country including the metros and cities such as Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Jaipur, Dimapur, Nagpur, all of whom were resoundingly in favour of the de-criminalisation of gay marriage and same-sex relationships.




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