“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around us, and so the feeling grows,” sings Billy Mack in this endearing video from Love Actually

Indeed, we are all excited about the festival and there’s a child in us that still expects Santa Claus to come and deliver something special midnight on Christmas. We love the lights, we love the sweets, we love playing Secret Santa in our office and we love the way it gives everyone an excuse to forgive and forget. 

It’s A National Holiday Despite The Christian Community Being Just 2.3%

That’s still more than 25 million Christians. More than the entire population of some countries. 

Cotton Instead Of Snow

Since snowfall isn’t common across the regions where most Indian Christians live (west coast), the children and everyone else substitute it with cotton. It’s not as pretty, but then you’ve got to admire the effort. 

Plum Cakes

Even if you’re not a Christian, chances are you’ll be served plum cakes. It’s delicious, so nobody complains. Some people put rum in it too, which makes it so delicious. 

Secret Santa

Almost all offices observe this fun event, which gives us an excuse to give and receive gifts to and from someone extremely random. It could be a friend or it could be someone with whom you’re not on talking terms with. 

Midnight Mass

Like most other countries, Christians in India too celebrate Christmas by going to the Church and observing the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Then in the morning, they exchange gifts and eat good food. It’s an occasion that brings families together, and gives everyone a reason to be happy.