Ranveer Brar Is A Sharp Man

The celebrated chef and long-time user of Victorinox knives is now a Brand Friend.

The celebrated chef and long-time user of Victorinox knives is now a Brand Friend.




What led to your association with Victorinox?


I have always used Victorinox knives ever since college, and I’ve been impressed by the sharpness and consistency of metal quality in the last 20 years. Personally, the knife was always there from my first kitchen practical to my first food trial to my first restaurant opening, so an association came naturally.


What makes a Victorinox knife so different?


It’s a 133-year old company, and its kitchen knives are made in Switzerland and are of high quality stainless steel, with laser-tested blades, which retain sharpness for a longer time and are also easy to sharpen for a lifetime. The textured handles are ergonomically designed, to make them less slippery, lightweight and with a perfect grip. The knives are rust-free and dishwasher safe, and Victorinox gives a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship .


Which are the must-have knives in any chef ’s kit?


A filleting knife, a vegetable knife, a paring knife and a santoku that doubles up as a cleaver. Also a shear, for snipping and poultry dressing.


What tips do you have for home chefs? What knives should they use?


A multipurpose utility paring knife and a tomato knife for effortless and bruiseless cutting.



What separates the perfect knife from a good or average one?


The perfect blade and weight balance, the malleability and durability of the metal, the sharpness retention qualities and ergonomics, for ease of use and comfort of handling.


How do you take care of your prized collection of knives?


I have a special case that I keep for my Victorinox set, and I clean and sanitise them after every use. I use a rotary sharpener every month to lightly treat the edges.


What other Victorinox products are you fond of?


Victorinox Travel Gear is very close to my heart. It has everything from wallets, accessories, business bags and backpacks to suitcase, which suits all requirements and moods, and hence it forms an integral part of a person like me, who has to change gear from a chef to a traveller to a businessman. I think it’s a complete category, as rightly said by the brand — “Your Daily Adventure”.



Like Victorinox knives, do you see innovations in their travel gear as well?


One product that I can relate to innovation in travel gear is the Spectra Global Carry On and Spectra Expandable. The Carry On can be your business and travel case, and the Spectra Expandable can be two different bags in one, due to its flexibility in expansion.

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