Reasons Why You Were Ghosted
Reasons Why You Were Ghosted

So if you’re one of those who’s been ghosted, here’s taking a look at the reasons why.

So you thought it’s going smooth and now is the time you need to take your relationship to the next level. Until she stopped all forms of communication you. And your world suddenly came tumbling down. You needed answers. You needed some form of closure so that you could stop moping about and move on in life. And when everything else failed, google came to your rescue and you’re now reading this article. 


Yes, my friend. We’re here to solve your problems but first things first. The term is called ghosting and it is used to describe the sudden radio silence by someone you’re with, or dating. She may have decided she’s no longer interested in you but does not really tell you. And so, instead of a discussion, confrontation or an argument, she will suddenly vanish from your life. So if you’re one of those who’s been ghosted, here ‘s taking a look at some reasons why. 


Lack of maturity


Well, do you think you were being unreasonable and immature? Were you taking things to another level without having consulted her? My friend, this is definitely one the reasons why she decide to ghost you in the first place. Always remember: the next time you get into a relationship, let her take her time. 


To avoid confrontation


She wanted to avoid hurting you by stating the fact. And ghosting was the only way she could let you know she does not want a future with you. We all need to understand that sometimes break-up conversations are too uncomfortable and people then resort to such tactics.



You’re being too clingy


Did you have trust issues? Were you one of those boyfriends who constantly checked her phone or kept calling her if she didn’t reply? Well bro, this isn’t how you’re supposed to go about in a relationship and the first thing you got to learn is to give ample space to your partner. And we’re not talking about your computer keyboard.


She didn’t want a relationship


Did you start making future plans together? Did you realize she wasn’t too keen but was just playing along until she’d had enough? Well, that’s another reason for you.



You were caught cheating


One reason she’s avoiding confrontation is because cheating definitely hurts. And she’s still being considerate to you by not stating the reason for the break-up because it might hurt you. 

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