While the world is going gaga over the Virushka wedding, Rohit Sharma was catching eyeballs too with scintillating knocks. Recently, we got some more dope about his love story with his wife and manager Ritika Sajdeh. 

In an interview on Gaurav Kapur’s Breakfast With Champions, Rohit Sharma spoke at length about their love story. 

“I take permission from her for everything. Except while I am batting. That is the only time I don’t take permission, because you have to react instinctively,” he said at the beginning of the interview. 

Rohit also revealed that Ritika is a bag of nerves whenever he is batting. “I have seen 2-3 videos that were released during IPL. She keeps her fingers crossed all the time as long as I am there,” he said. 

“I was happy when she was not there when I scored 264. Because 50 overs, her fingers would get twisted forever. Like MS Dhoni,” he added. 

How did they meet? “It’s a funny story. I was 20 years old, and it was a shoot that we were doing. I had no idea what was going on, so I reached the venue. Yuvi and Irfan were also there. I met Yuvi in his trailer since he was a senior player, and Ritika was sitting in his trailer. So before I even spoke to her, Yuvi told me not to speak to her since she was his sister. So throughout the shoot, I was annoyed with her. I thought how come she has so much pride,” he said.

“When my shot was going to be taken, I didn’t know what to speak. I had some dialogues to say, which I tried to say, and it all went fine. But then the director came and said that my mic wasn’t on, so we’ll have to record everything again. So between those shots, I went down and Ritika was there. So she asked me if I needed any help. That’s how it all started. Then we became close friends, after which she started managing me,” he added. 

The couple got married in 2015 and are still going strong.