A Russian Startup Is Planning To Launch Billboards In The Sky
A Russian Startup Is Planning To Launch Billboards In The Sky

Sky’s the limit for this Russian startup

Are you tired of scrolling through ads on your phone?


Now, you can just look up in the sky. Get ready, the future is now. 

A Russian startup, StartRocket is planning to launch billboard advertisements into low-Earth orbit.  The ambitious process started in 2018 and is expected to test launch them as early as 2021.

The startup has given us a break-down of their plans on their website:

The site also proposed to use Cubesats, small satellites with inexpensive launch profiles, to put billboards in space. 

Further, they have also stated the ways in which one could use their services. Mainly, divided into three categories- Entertainment, Messages and Emergency. This includes displaying complementary messages or images from the orbit during global events for entertaining purposes, brand promotion i.e. ads as well as a tool for the government to display urgent notifications to the masses.

While some people were pumped, not everybody is on-board with watching Cola-Cola ads instead of star-gazing. This revolutionary idea may prove to be a new means of media.

But, there were some concerns:

This venture may turn into a reality only if the giant brands are ready to shell out big bucks. As this company is a start-up, the dreams seem relatively sky-high.

As per NBC, putting up more satellites will lead to more opportunities for collisions. Moreover, experts have argued that the bright ad banners could interfere with the ability to study the skies, or this process may hinder with aviation safety.

Check it out:

(Image Credits: StarRocket’s website)


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