A School For Grannies In Maharashtra, And Other Things That Prove That Age Is Nothing But A Number
A School For Grannies In Maharashtra, And Other Things That Prove That Age Is Nothing But A Number

A 106 year old marathoner, a school for grannies and more; here’s taking a look at how some men and women who are redefining stereotypes.

Time and again, India features in the list of countries that aren’t really the best places to live in during old age. Most times, India scores the lowest in the healthcare department, especially for the elderly. A number of surveys undertaken in the past have revealed how some elderly people don’t have relatives to count on, some don’t feel safe walking, some aren’t satisfied with the kind of lifestyle they’re leading during old age, and so on.


But these surveys and revelations also have a positive impact in the sense that a lot of people are slowly and gradually coming out to bring about a change in the society. Like the village in Maharashtra which aims to reach 100 percent literacy, recently started a school for uneducated grandmothers. Don’t believe it? Well, here’s more information.


Set up by Yogendra Bangar and Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust on International Women’s Day (2016), the school is located in Thane and is touted as India’s first school for uneducated grandmothers. Known as Aajibaichi Shala, the school opens for two hours a day where the students between the ages of 60 to 90 receive elementary education including fundamental mathematics, nursery rhymes, alphabets and their correct pronunciation, and more.


In an interview last year, the founder of the school exclaimed how, “We started this school to inculcate love and respect for the elderly”.



Besides, this, there are a number of men and women are defying norms these days and have proved that age is just a number. Like Fauja Singh, who is renowned as the world’s oldest Marathon runner in the world, participated in the Mumbai Marathon last year and left everyone stunned with his grit, resilience and determination. 106 years old, Fauja Singh took to the sport when he was in his eighties after moving to London. He first shot to fame at the age of 89 when he completed a grueling 26.2 mile run in about six hours and 54 minutes.


Then there’s KT Anthony from Kerala who is ninety one years old and an author by profession. And if you thought his writings include politics and social issues (because of the usual old-age stereotype), think again. This man, who is young at heart, writes romance novels and he’s written at least 4 novels in this particular genre. And that’s not it. He is also a graphic designer. Need we say more?


Another woman making waves is Bhanumato Rao. Last year, the 92-year old dancer and theatre actor’s video went viral where she was seen performing Bharatanatyam dance in Bangalore.


Watch video:



Even though Bhanumathi Rao’s hearing and sight may have weakened, but that hasn’t deterred the lady from performing to her heart’s content, that too at this age. This gritty lady, in the 1940s, was a part of Ram Gopal’s troupe, who travelled all across Europe to perform. Her performances have also been a part of the Big Apple’s art buzz where the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru, among others have visited to see her perform.


We salute these men and women who are redefining stereotypes and whose ages have not dissuaded them to do what they like doing best, that is, live life to the fullest. 



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