Now here’s something that’ll make you laugh and cringe at the same time. We’re talking about the weird titles that Hollywood films are given after they’re dubbed in Hindi. We came across some of the wackiest film names that will leave you in splits after which you are bound to ask: “What were they thinking?” And mind you, some of those names make no sense at all, if you ask us. 

So prepare for a laugh riot as we unveil some of the weirdest Hindi translations that’ll surely help you get rid of the Monday blues.

Swordfish – Baazigar Kaun

Mr and Mrs Smith – Mr and Mrs Sharma

Dude Where is My Car – Ek Gaadi Do Anaari

Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Sherni No 1

Night At The Museum – Museum Ke Andar Phans Gaya Sikandar

Pirates of the Carribean – Samudra Ke Lootere


Ghost Rider – Mahakaal

Matrix Reloaded – Mayajaal

Dead or Alive – Karo Ya Maro

Poseidon – Tsunami Ka Kahar

Kiss of the Dragon – Maut Ka Chumma