Mithali Raj is clearly one of the most renowned female cricketers of all time. She should be respected for her batting skills and the many games that she has won for our country. But then, trolls have very little to do in life. Else, they wouldn’t be trolls. 

Recently, Mithali Raj posted a picture of her with her gang of girls. 

Not like it was extremely revealing either. Even then, trolls should mind their own business. 

But then, there are some mindless dimwits who think that women should always be clad in a salwar kameez that covers them from head to toe. People shamed her for not being Indian enough. Asked her not to expose. 

We are sure that these are the same people who buy X-rated DVDs or download porn illegally on their phones. Which is why when they see a person who is clad 

Earlier, in August, Mithali Raj was bodyshamed for sweating in a picture. We mean, come on, isn’t an athlete supposed to perspire at times. 

We are sure that Mithali Raj is too big an athlete to let such things affect her. We are sure that the runs will continue to come from her bat. But, we can’t rest without ranting about these bodyshamers.

Earlier, actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Kalki Koechlin too have had to bear the brunt of such trolls.