Signs You’re Turning Into A Fuckboy

Here are some sure shot signs she thinks you’re a fuckboy in the making.

So she is wary of you these days and thinks you’re a jerk in disguise. Even before you guys hit it off, she laments over the fact that gentlemen are rare these days and gives you a ‘knowing’ look. Well, it is time to retrospect my man, because these are sure shot signs she thinks you’re a fuckboy (she kind of guessed it because women are natural detectives, if you didn’t know that).


So here are some signs that ensured you let the cat out of the bag and proved how you’re a fuckboy in the making.


Did you just admit you like her in the second meeting itself?


Well, even if you think she believes in love at first sight, this is definitely the classic fuckboy pick-up line and a red flag for her.


The disappearance act


Do you disappear when she needs you the most because you have “plans” and come back begging just because your other date ditched you? Well, a sure shot fuckboy sign.


You only seem interested when she puts up a hot picture on social media


You didn’t care much until you realized how hot she looks in her new profile picture and that she has a lot of male attention coming her way in the comments section. And so, you suddenly decided to ping her out-of-the-blue. Another sign.



Constantly begging for her nudes


Fuckboys are hungry and desperate for female attention and your constant nude obsession was definitely a giveaway.


Bros before hoes


If this statement (which is offensive to most) is a constant in your life, need we say more?


You talk shit about all your exes


Well, do you whine about how “this was wrong with my ex” and “that woman was crazy” just to impress the current woman you’re enamored with? Or, do you discuss explicit details with your dudes? Maybe you don’t know it yet but you’re a fuckboy already. 

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