Signs You've Been Single For Way Too Long
Signs You’ve Been Single For Way Too Long

Here’s taking a look at five signs that prove you’ve been single for way too long.

Being single comes with certain perks; you’re free to do what you feel like, and you’re answerable to absolutely no one. But well, being single can sometimes also be a downward spiral for a man and may leave him feeling absolutely lonely, sad and cranky. Well, if these five points are applicable in your life, then we suggest it’s time you tread on the dating path again. Here’s taking a look at five signs that prove you’ve been single for way too long.


You’ve gotten used to sharing your bed with nothing other than a laptop


Binging on Netflix? Well, this is a sure shot sign. 


Video games have become your new best friend


Your gaming days were over five years ago when you were seriously dating the woman of your dreams. But now, you’re back to the same old routine because, well, that’s the only thing to do due to your non-existent dating life.


You’ve started hitting on female friends


Well, there was a time when there was a complete distinction between friends and girlfriend material. But now, you’re kind of contemplating the friends-with-benefits zone because you don’t seem to have too many options.



You stalk old flames


You find yourself pining about your old flame who has, maybe, dated five others after you. You’re still hoping and wondering whether you guys could work out all your decade old differences.


Your friends have stopped asking you who you’re dating


Well, that one does not need a lot of explanation.


You’re always the third wheel around your couple friends


If you’ve gotten used to being the third wheel now, then it is time to contemplate your life buddy. 

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