The Coolest Products For Oktoberfest


 Here are some fun accessories for every beer lover’s favourite time of the year


Chill Puck



Imagine a coaster that can cool your beer. Wouldn’t that be the perfect accessory? We think so too. The Chill Puck is really easy to use – just stick it in the freezer as you would an ice tray, and when you pop open a can of your favourite beer, just attach it at the base. The puck is guaranteed to keep your drink cool for substantially longer.



Sonic Foamer



There are few things as cringe-worthy as beer gone flat. If you’ve had to leave your glass aside to tend to something urgent, and then come back to find all the fizz gone, you’ve got the perfect solution. The Sonic Foamer is a handy battery-operated device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head, thereby reviving the drink.






Be honest. You’ve been to multiple parties where, after being served in identical glasses, your friends and you have mixed up your drinks. There’s an easy way to ensure it doesn’t happen. At your next house party, stick on a Moustacheer that best represents the person holding the glass, so everyone will know which glass is their own. We tried it, and it worked like a charm!



Beer Cap Collector



Oktoberfest means that various pubs and lounges near you will be hosting festivals and special events that include importing beers they don’t usually serve. On such occasions as well as on your travels, collecting beer caps is a cost-effective and really cool way to bring home a keepsake. Those whose fridges are already crammed with beer caps turned into magnets, pick up a cap collector that can hold so many of them at the same time. Also, how good would this look above your bar?




These products are exclusively available at select outlets of The Beer Café in Mumbai and Delhi NCR via Beerosphere. Prices for these, as well as a number of products – cushion covers, playing cards, glassware, candles, laptop sleeves, mini USB fridges and more – range from Rs 95 to Rs 3,750. You can also buy them online, here

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