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SS Homme’s Sandeep Gonsalves Knows Exactly What An Indian Man Should Wear

Gonslaves recommends adding details to your suit and more.

Is there a minimum number of suits a man should have in his wardrobe? If so, how many and what colour should they be?

A man should ideally own three suits. A classic black suit, which never goes out of style, another dark toned suit like a navy or grey one, and lastly, one in a lighter shade, beige perhaps, for daytime and casual events.

What’s the best material for a suit for Indian conditions?

The weather in the Indian subcontinent is seasonal. However, the safest options when it comes to suits are cotton and linen.

How do I wear a double-breasted suit and not look like my dad?

Double -breasted suits are definitely a trend you should invest in. However, there are some rules as to mastering the garment. Never close the bottom button, accessorize it with a lapel pin and pocket square which match your current ensemble, and avoid using garments with old checks.

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What are the essential things you should look for when you’re about to get a custom-made suit?

Firstly, choosing a fabric is of the utmost importance. Your suit should be good to go for the seasons and the fabric should be lightweight. Secondly, choosing the correct form of lapel is necessary, as that adds  charisma to your ensemble.


What’s the best way to look after a suit?

Always send your suits in for a dry clean only. Store them in a clean area, and always use a wooden hanger with round edges to maintain the shape of the suit.

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If I’m travelling and there’s room for only one suit in my bag, what kind and colour should it be?

You should always pack a business suit in a darker shade, preferably charcoal, navy or black, as those suits can be used in a versatile manner.

How should I fold that one suit so that it doesn’t crease?

A simple hack to avoid the crease on the suit is to put one shoulder pad under the other and then fold it.

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